Louise Morrow - Networking in MAW

Why I LOVE Mums at Work 💗

Since joining MAW over 2 year ago I have met with some amazing, talented and beautiful women!
I believe that people come into your life for a reason and that is certainly very true when I joined the group, hesitant at first, but welcomed with open arms!

I can honestly say that being a VIP Member has been one of the best things I have ever done. I know Jasmine & Lily Floral Wreaths would not be growing as big as it is without the help and support from so many fabulous women in the group!

And well Sinead Norton you are a star! 🌟
Without you none of this would be possible. I would never have met and collaborated with Jacqueline Rooney Wilson, a true friend and an inspiration.

The support I get from other ladies in the group! I could talk for hours! Too many to mention.

What I love most about the group is that we all have each other’s backs. And that, as you will know, is a rare thing in a competitive and challenging world!

The IGNITE Challenge

The 7 Day Online Challenge Event for Female Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Over 7 days, you will be set challenges to help you if you are thinking of re-inventing, re-branding or pivoting your business at this time.

Join to learn from each other, hear our guest speakers and to learn from the latest market research on buying trends at this time so your can mould your business to customer needs.

We know you are busy so each day should take up no more than one hour of your time.  All speaker videos will be available to watch on replay in our event and will be easily accessed from your event dashboard after the event is over.

Join us as we help you build a recession proof business that has products & services that sell time and time again.

DAY 1 CHALLENGE - Authenticity
How to Master your Brand - By Stefany Watson
The importance of being a Brand Expert - by Trish O'Hara
Personal Branding - What's your Brand Story 
by Denise Leacock

Day 2 CHALLENGE - Passion
Getting in the Mindset to charge your worth 
by Catriona Jones
Focusing on what you can do, not what you can't - 
by Olga McAteer

Day 3 CHALLENGE - Connection
Taking your business Online - Here is what you need to know - by Tina Calder
Switching it up by Linzi Hoare
Being Found Online - by Nicola Michael

Day 4 CHALLENGE - Magnetism
Taking the admin pain out of doing Online Challenges by Alison Matthews
The kinds of videos you should be making for your business by Gayle Alexander

Day 5 CHALLENGE - Innovation
How to capitalise on your personal resources to pivot in your business by Claire Bain
Authentically Brand You - Why personal branding photography is essential to your business by Catriona Corrigan
Creating a business that doesn't stop when a pandemic strikes
by Sinead Norton

Day 6 Challenge
Selling & Referring Online by Sinead Norton
How I took my Art Business Online by Leon Hughes
How I took by Fitness Business Online by Catherine Martin

Day 7 CHALLENGE - Networking
MAW Network Member Testimonials 
"Networking & Collaborating to Success" 
by Jacqueline Rooney, Jacqueline Hamilton, Marie Walker, Karen Sufferin and Louise Morrow

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